Facebook Marketing – Do’s & Dont’s

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has become an integral part of the marketing mix for any organization today. It is especially beneficial for the smaller players as they can take on the competition with lower budgets. India tops the list of leading facebook user countries & has recently put behind the USA to claim this position ( Source – Statista ). Considering this you need to make most of this opportunity to grow your business.

Though Facebook is growing rapidly and Facebook marketing has become inevitable, there are certain do’s & don’ts which you should follow

Facebook Marketing Do’s:

  1. Keep your page up-to-date in terms of all information
  2. Keep the message simple & short.
  3. The content tone should be conversational
  4. Avoid jargons
  5. Make use of attractive images & videos
  6. Be consistent in posting
  7. Ask questions & encourage user engagement
  8. Use hashtags
  9. Always include a call-to-action
  10. Pin & boost your important posts

Facebook Marketing Don’ts:

  1. Posting religious/political content
  2. Posting irrelevant content
  3. Posting poorly written content
  4. Content with grammatical mistakes
  5. Not responding to comments
  6. Late response to the comments, queries or questions.
  7. Arguing with the user
  8. Posting others content without due credit.

Hope you have found the above tips useful. Do consider incorporating them in your marketing strategy & do let us know the results.

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