The Habit of Winning – Mr Prakash Iyyer

If you ask me to name one must-read book for entrepreneurs & small business owners, without any hesitation I will suggest The Habit of Winning by Mr Prakash Iyyer. Mr Iyyer is distinguished management professional in India. He has served as an Executive Director in Pepsico India.

I firmly believe that this book will act as a guiding star to all the entrepreneurs in their hour of need. The language of the book is very simple and each topic is very well explained by the short but effective story.

The book spans over 248 pages. The short stories encompass the following topics

Vision & Goals

Self Belief


Winner’s Mindset


Hard Work

The Winner’s Way

Winning with Teams

Other people

Finding Balance

Take Action

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Hope you will enjoy The Habit of Winning. Do share your views here.

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